Welcome to the new Knights of Columbus 6083 site

With our new Grand Knight's focus on communication, we've thrown out the entirety of the old site, and will be focusing on this new site instead.  There will be a few migration pains as we try to do things that require plugins or whatever, but the plus side is that a) it requires less work from me, and b) any member will (eventually) be able to add to the site simply by posting an article.

So, first you need to register.  This is a mostly-painless process.  To limit the site to council members, and to keep spammers away, all users must be manually verified by the webmaster against the roster.  After that, you will get an email with a link, click on that, and you'll be able to set your password.  To be sure you are manually verified, please use your first and last names for your user name.  This way we can simply verify against our roster.  I also recommend that you use the email address you've provided to us already, just to ensure I can recognise you.

Bear with me, as we work out kinks, but should you notice any, please don't hesitate to post in the forums or email me!

Darin McBride