Event Submission Form

Upon completion of an event, try to use this form to make it easier for all involved. This should open in either Excel or Open Office. When complete, email to financialsecretary@kofc6083.org.


The attached spreadsheet has two tabs or "sheets". You should be able to see them at the bottom of your screen once you've opened the document. The one that should open first is labeled "Instructions", and the second is labeled "Submission". The Instructions sheet includes some text and a sample report. The Submission sheet is blank but includes a number of spreadsheet formulas that can automatically calculate many of the numbers when you start filling in the cells. Once you've read and understood the instructions, you can ignore that sheet and go to the Submission sheet and fill it out.

Only one person should fill out this sheet per event. The chair(s) should appoint someone to submit the income and spreadsheet. Often this will be the chair himself, but can be anybody. It should accompany the income and/or expense receipts.

Expense receipts are not tallied on this form. This may change in the future. However, the information regarding the event, number of people served, and volunteer hours as a whole is still critical when filing our end-of-year reports.

If more than one person has expenses for an event then only one sheet should be submitted. The rest simply can submit their expenses without the sheet by either submitting the receipts directly, or scanning them and emailing them to the financial secretary.

If you have any questions or comments please contact the Financial Secretary.