Council Project Ideas

One idea that came up at our council meeting was to find some sort of project we could do as a council.  Some councils do things like help Habitat for Humanity.  In the past, we've helped out at Bosco Homes, with things like building a playground.

We would like to solicit some feedback as to ideas you may have that we could accomplish as a council.  Please add a comment to this article with your feedback, whether it's a new idea, a refinement on someone else's idea, or even just volunteering to help with the project or simply voicing an opinion about the project idea itself.



I like the idea of doing something significant at ABJ High School.  It is new and is a flagship school in Sherwood Park within the EICS system.  Also, appealing to the youth is important for the future of the Knights and our faith.  I would like to see some ideas at the ABJ campus.